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About Team Tinyvette

We didn't exactly have a plan going into this. It was just a spur of the moment thing. At a chance meeting in town, "Hey, Alan. I have an idea. Let's get an Opel GT and dress it up like an ALMS Corvette and race it in LeMons." Alan, "OK". By the end of the following Monday we had two stinking field-finds stuffed in my carport, minimal tools and skills, and the race was only 9 weeks away. What could possibly go wrong?

We made it to the race, and while we struggled we finished that race. Then we finished the next race, and the next, and then we started bringing home trophies. Who'd of thought? Then we started blowing up. Then after a few failed comeback attempts we stopped blowing up and now we're back in the hunt, gunning for mid-pack glory in the lowest rung of motorsports known as the 24 Hours of Lemons!

It's a good thing we didn't have a plan.

We, the team that went to that first race, included a PhD materials scientist (retired), a public transportation system manager, a kart rental business owner/operator, a college student, a PhD chemist (retired), and a policeman, and except for the father-son pair, none of us had spent even one afternoon together before this adventure began.

The Tinyvette, the car, is a 1969 Opel GT that we found on eBay and purchased for $200, along with a $300 parts car, dragged home from Oroville, and brought it back to life.

Team Photo
Team photo after our first race at Thunderhill in 2010. From left to right - Mike Meier, Geoff Straw, Bernhard Wagener, Zep Brattesani, Alan Brattesani, and Brian Doty.



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